Wednesday, July 29, 2009

good news!
Nathan and Lori are getting married :)
Their wedding date is August 29th, 2009
They will have a reception at the
Pinedale/Clay Springs LDS Church
that night from 6-9 p.m.
We are all very happy and excited for them :)
A quick note for their photographer...
Becca Martin
who will be taking their wedding pictures
check out her blog :
(we hope to win the drawing for some free pics :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year

Ok, I couldn't think of a better title just now. I would like to post something amazing and creative...hmm...guess I will leave that to all those amazing and creative people who's blogs I have been stalking! There are some really fun blogs out there with great can link to some through the blog on my page 'Just a girl'. I am still having camera problems, blogging without pictures is so boring! Maybe a certain someone will remedy that for me around birthday time? hint hint

I did write a christmas letter here and as soon as I was done it got lost...and I lost all ambition of writing it again! So to all of you whom I missed through the holidays...which is most everybody, I truly hope that you had a wonderful Christmas. Ours came and went in a blur. I am determined to be more prepared next year, slow down and enjoy more of our time together thru the holidays. Here is a quick cap of what is going on with us:

Our kids are all busy living, learning and growing. Nathan just finished building his first house and moved his bed in on inspection day! It is a very nice home and he worked really hard on it...I mean long hours all day everyday possible. I believe he is happy and relieved to be done.
Clint and Melanie moved back to Utah and are expecting word on a new job this monday. Doug and Tasha bought their first home in La Point Utah, their baby Stetson will be one year old in February, he is so cute and sweet as can be! Sarah is enjoying a little bit more freedom that a driver's license allows. She and Richard and Spencer are busy with school and doing well. Cameron is also in school, he and Becca got bikes for Christmas and have enjoyed using them. alot! Donald is still working and keeps busy helping all of us however he can. I am anxious to move on to the next project...I am sanding and painting a 6 x 3 desk. I intend to use magnetic paint and chalkboard paint so the little ones can use the sides of it while i project on the top of it...a family affair...if I could just stop working long enough to get to that sander! It's got to happen soon because I am dying to sew! Maybe I can show something creative here someday!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ok, this Lego Star Wars thing is Richard's. He thinks it is hilarious, as do his little brothers and friends. He was trying to load it on to my computer somewhere so he could transfer it to a friend. Now you get to enjoy it? (I think I better post something so this is not the first thing you see!)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

An average death star day edited

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Reunion Time
July 19, 2008
Warrior Doug, and a really cute baby!

A very happy Stetson with Uncle Nate

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Been too long!

Blessing Day

Who's having fun here?

Precious Baby Boy :)

Bright eyes! He is a John Deere Dude :)

Ok, it has been two months since I posted anything on this blog. Now my problem is...I can't remember how to do it! I am having to learn it all over again! I have wanted to post Stetson's Blessing pics but couldn't find them...duh, they were on a disk and I did not save them to the computer. I finally figured that out tonight :)

So, here is an update on what is going on with us:

Doug has a new job in the oil industry, they are in the Vernal area now and looking for a home.

Sarah turned 16 and had an exceptionally fun birthday bash.

School is out for summer...yeah...crazy thing though, it starts up again on August 6th! Way too soon!

Donald just had his 30th class reunion last night. Doug and Lucy came down, and George and Elizabeth were there. We had a nice time, Donald really enjoyed seeing and visiting with his old classmates.

I have started selling for Model Team Express...we sell mostly food items, but also kitchen equipment like pans, canning supplies, and gadgets, camping, emergency, cast iron, pressure cookers, food storage etc. I am hoping to work for my food storage with this...I did get a Bosch from last months sales...that is cool :) Nathan bought the Nutrimill wheat grinder, that is cool too, so now we can team up and make bread:)

Clint and Melanie had a visit from her parents and just went camping this weekend.

All of our little ones are doing well. I guess I need to get more pictures on to this computer so I can share them here, will do that soon! Bye

Stetson's Blessing Day

Here is Stetson on his Blessing Day.
He looks so happy:)